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Pay per click management for sophisticated clients in competitive paid search markets.

Our consultants have worked with companies in the CPG, finance, auto, travel, hospitality, and small business verticals. Whatever digital marketing problem you’re facing, our consultants have probably worked through it before.

If maximizing the revenue you earn from digital marketing given a fixed available budget to deploy is your goal, we’d love to help. We’ll show you how the old adage of “half my advertising doesn’t work, I just don’t know which half” has become false. Learn how every dollar you spend on digital marketing impacts revenue, work with us.

Our standard hourly rate for digital consulting is $95/hr. You’ll be working with a US based digital marketing consultant with over a decade of diverse agency experience. Your consultant will have had performance responsibility for millions of dollars in Google ad spend across diverse industries.

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Digital Marketing Consultant

When engaging a digital marketing consultant, it is important to consider three key elements. The three key elements are experience, goal alignment, and cost.

Digital Marketing Consultant Experience

There are a million flavors of self professed digital marketing consultants out there. Some can get you fake followers. Others can provide fake video views. Vanishingly few of them can provide leads which result in sales or traffic that produces online purchases. Sales are all we care about. Surprisingly, taking the position of the true partner with the client is not the default position of the digital marketing agency. I’m admitting this having been someone who vefiably worked for one digital marketing agency for another for over a decade. Many advertisers (errantly, in our view) purusue some goal other than top line revenue when advertising online. Maybe views, impressions, likes, shares, comments, or any number of soft metrics which can’t be tied directly to sales. When you hire Samurai Direct Response, you get a one to one relationship with a digital marketing consultant who exclusively cares about the revenue benefit your buisness recieves from the work we do together. Currently, all clents work with our Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Ben Briggs, directly. Mr. Briggs has 12 years of full time digital marketing experience with increasing responsibility.

The Problem of Mismatched Incentives

Maybe the biggest single problem in the world of digital advertising is the problem of mismatched incentives. This manfests on the platform side, where Google and Facebook are incetivized by only one thing, increasing advertiser budgets. It maifests on the agency side where agencies are incetivized by one thing, to maximize management and creative fees. Samurai Direct Response takes a different approach. We incentize ourselves for the long term. We know that if enough advertisers can realize more revenue by working with us than we charge those advertisers for services, we have a sustainable model. We partner with brands large and small to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) from pay per click (PPC) digital advertising.

Goal Alignment

What’s the real goal? There are a lot of bs goals. Enagement, awareness, brand recall, reach, frequency, on and on. If you’re like me, then if it doesn’t sell I don’t care. Selling means transactions and revenue. Of course you can move higher in the funnel to email leads, marketing qualified leads, and user engagement metrics, but they must be able to be tied to revenue in a statistically significant way, or they don’t matter. Few digital marketing buyers or agencies agree, or at least act like they agree, with this pricinple. If you do, and you want to get more revenue for each dollar you spend on digital marketing, schedule a complimentary 30 minute introductory consultation, and get started on the journey to achieve your goals today.

Digital Marketing Consulting Cost

Effecitve digital marketing consulting is that which helps the advertiser earn more revenue as a result of implementing the recommendations of the consultant than he pays in fees. There are many hacks at each of the levels described in our Post Click Customer Journey. Taking advantage of optimization opportunities at each step in the potential customer journey path requires a keen and experienced eye. Our consultant has viewed this problem from many diverse angles. From enterprise identity theft to local appliance repair and everything in between. Implementing the necessary components of the user experience required to optimize the customer journey is simple, but not easy. We’ll be posting more updates on how to optimize each step on the Samurai Direct Response blog, but to get started soon, schedule a call with the Samurai to explore a fit as a client.


What People Say

Ben has a keen eye for developing digital plans that focused on results. He's able to translate a digital strategy that compliments a client’s overarching marketing plan. Few digital marketing pros I've worked with come close to his level of dedication to providing superior campaign performance. His wealth of knowledge of all things digital compliments an organization’s need to stay relevant.
Devin Barr

Account Director - MBT Marketing

My experience working with Ben has been excellent. He is very knowledgeable in search engine marketing and marketing/advertising in general. He is super easy to get along with and the guy has a great personality that vibes well with coworkers and clients equally well. He's also not afraid to take the road less traveled in pursuit of the best result.
Sam Miller


I hired Ben in Jan 2013. Within the first 6 months, he had impressed me greatly. His book grew from a few lower budget clients at the outset to overseeing an enterprise client load resulting in ad spend over $13M in 2014. Ben has a strong command of search advertising, SEO, and emerging ad technologies like Facebook, Youtube, and programmatic display. I can't recommend working with him highly enough.
Robert Frost

Director of Media - Ethology

Had a great experience working with Ben. He helped Ovation® lay the groundwork and launch a campaign to drive awareness and eCommerce sales through search, shopping and display Google Ad campaigns. Ben made the whole process easy to understand and very effective from a profitability standpoint. I'd highly recommend working with Ben on your next digital marketing initiative.
Erika Sherwood

Marketing Manager - Ovation Hair

My mission

My Mission is to Serve Clients Well

If setting the right goals, deploying resources effectively and accurately measuring results was easy, Samurai Direct Response wouldn’t need to exist. I combine competence with ethics to provide the highest performing search advertising possible.

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