Here are some of the people and blogs I follow, or have followed in the past. While the specifics of implementation have change dramatically, many of the fundamentals of successful search marketing haven’t changed in years. While it may seem a little strange or be difficult to understand the context of, for example, a 2015 Matt Cutts blog post or a 2011 interview with Aaron Wall if you’re a burgeoning search marketing professional or have a burning desire to learn the business for some other reason, I’d recommend taking some time to try to understand the point of view and foundational principles that some of the old school SEO cats were putting out there as long as a decade ago.  Of course, there are very talented SEOs and PPC managers out there creating content in 2018, but many of the greats from the early days aren’t actively blogging anymore.

Matt Cutts Google/SEO Blogs

SEO Book Blog (The best stuff is the very old posts authored by the man himself Aaron Wall, I don’t think he’s involved in the project anymore, but could be wrong)

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Journal (This one is mostly for nostalgia purposes, circa 2004)

Google Academy for Ads

Google Advertiser Community (I regularly contribute and answer questions. My profile)

r/PPC  (I contribute to this forum as well, but reddit is….well reddit)

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins (One of the only books I’ve ever read about advertising)

The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall (I preferred the older editions, but my copy is now lost to lending, if you have one or find one online previous to 4th edition, I please let me know, I’d be interested in buying it. The 4th edition is good though, worth the read)

Moz SEO Basics   Moz is a great resource. You could always try googling my seo related question and will likely come up with a good answer

My Better Digital Marketing Youtube Channel

I’ll build this page out more and add more SEO and PPC education links/resources as I think of them.