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Pay per click management for sophisticated clients in competitive paid search markets.

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Paid search is bought in a modified dutch auction.

Proper budget management vastly improves outcomes

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Effective Pay Per Click Management

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Pay Per Click

The important new thing that’s happened in advertising in the last 25 years is pay per click. There’s a lot of nonsense out there masquerading as pay per click. Before we talk about managing it, let’s for a moment discuss the essential nature of online pay per click advertising.


Provide the publisher with remuneration. Usually denominated in your local currency paid by credit card or monthly invoice.


For each


A click is when a human user intentionally clicks/taps your ad in order to visit your website. This is where 10 years ago there was no equivocation, we now need to be specific. A click is when a customer clicks a mouse or taps a screen and intentionally navigates away from the site they are on and visits your business website at the specified page. In 2018 some publishers/agencies will call a click actions other than visiting your website. They might call a click visiting your social profile, expanding your ad on a third party site, or other actions. These are not clicks. For direct response digital to be effective the user must click to the page you specify, so clicks which do not meet the “intentionally navigates to your site” criterion should not be purchased.

Selling, scaled up

Men much wiser than I am have said advertising is just selling scaled up. Search has made selling dramatically easier. There are some things which, when typed or spoken into a search engine, strongly indicate an interest to buy. Used well, Google ads allow you to pay to place your business exclusively in front of those customers.

Done well

That’s a critical operator in the previous sentence. It is not in Google’s interest for you to maximize the amount of customers you get this month divided by the amount of money you spend this month. Google’s interest is in charging your credit card for the maximum amount of clicks possible, regardless of how those clicks turn into customers for you. Basically, doing Google ads well consists of matching ad/customer experience, to customer intent.  The not simple part is very tightly matching search query to ad to landing page to purchase options and customer service (when needed) quickly and seamlessly.

My Core Competence

Just setting up the tools isn’t easy. Properly implementing Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console, My Business, and Merchant Center is necessary. I help startups, regional brands and high volume ecommerce sellers buy traffic more efficiently than their competitors do.

My Fees

One time

To help you centralize and manage your full Google presence there is a one time fee of $2,500. This includes claiming, trademark protection, implementation audit, and billing setup for the following Google services.

  1. Google Analytics (standard)
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google My Business (for local business)
  4. Google Merchant Center (for e-commerce sellers)
  5. Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

This one time fee includes industry best practice setup and integration. Integrating your Google toolset and ensuring proper access not only provides access to critical tools needed to ensure accurate open hours, customer touch points, and location information, they give the owner/operator of the business critical data points to understand business performance.

Google Ads

Google Ads require special attention. Google Ads cannot be as effective as possible if they aren’t properly synched with the other Google tools. That said, a well executed Google Ads campaign can the single most effective way to produce a steady stream of profitable customers the world has ever seen.

I’ll set up your Google Ads account in a way to maximize ROI. I recommend my clients buy Google ads from the bottom of the funnel up. Starting with the customers who are most likely to purchase and working up to interest and awareness phase customers, we will accurately understand the balance between cost and volume to optimize against your current goals. Whether you want to scale up top line or reduce costs to minimize cost per sale, with Samurai DR PPC Management, you’re in control.

Monthly Management

I’m currently available to manage a limited number of accounts for the greater of 15% of media or $1,500 per month. This includes management of:

  • budgets
  • advanced keyword segmentation
  • location
  •  advanced bidding strategies
  • text creative
  • ad extensions
  • negative keywords
  • measurement

Monthly management clients have access to unlimited email support, up to 4 hours phone support, and up to 2 screenshare/webinar calls per month.

Get your competitive edge

Effective Pay Per Click Management

Google Ads Done Right

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