Why is Google showing my ads in locations I’ve excluded?

Issues with geo targeting and reporting on Google Marketing Platform One question that comes up again and again, especially among local business advertisers, is “I excluded city X from my Google Ads campaign. Why am I seeing website visits coming from Google Ad clicks when I check my campaign performance in Google Analytics. Often this question is not […]

Why Direct Response is Better Than Brand Advertising

There are a million different possible ways to slice and dice what is advertising. We could look at the different channels and mediums like TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Outdoor and others. We could subdivide those as well, for example paid search vs organic search, video vs social and so on. One extremely important way that we can[…]



Measureable Results in Weeks not Years.

Measureable Results in Weeks not Years. In their book The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords authors Marshall and Todd propose the following pecking order of ads which clearly go from most to least measurable. 1. Google Paid Search 2. Search Engine Optimization (targeted only to terms which are proven money makers though Paid Search. 3. Other PPC[…]