Marketing Automation Fundamentals – Customer Follow Up

The single highest return on ad spend activity advertisers can engage in is marketing automation. Top salesman have know for decades if not centuries that proper customer follow up, for repeat and referral business, is critically important for selling effectively. All marketing is really just sales scaled up, and marketing automation is no different. Is your business […]

Why Direct Response is Better Than Brand Advertising

There are a million different possible ways to slice and dice what is advertising. We could look at the different channels and mediums like TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Outdoor and others. We could subdivide those as well, for example paid search vs organic search, video vs social and so on. One extremely important way that we can[…]



Strategy Overview and 80/20 Rule

SamuraiDR exclusively focuses on optimizing direct response marketing budgets to maximize customer lifetime value.   Our strategy is simple Measure ad and channel performance. Set visible KPIs and tie them to transactions/revenue using available data to estimate ad and channel contribution to customer lifetime value. Strategically assign budget to the highest performing ads and channels giving priority[…]