Help Wanted: Digital Paid Media Associate – Contractor

We’ve connected with some amazing clients. These brands need your help to plan, create and optimize paid search social media ad campaigns. The digital paid media associate will work with the internal and client team to identify target demographics, craft effective creative, and accurately measure the results of digital paid media campaigns. Other core tasks include managing creative changes, testing new audiences, and attending weekly client meetings to provide performance updates and recommendations for next steps. You will also spend time studying Google, Facebook and Linkedin best practices using material provided by the platforms and with regular team training on specific subjects.

Responsibility Level

This is an entry/junior level position, but that doesn’t mean your work is unimportant. Our associates have day to day responsibility for the success of our client’s ad campaigns. You’ll be supported with access to training, publisher resources and mentorship.

Required Tools

As an independent contractor, you will need to supply your own basic tools. To be successful in this role you must have:

  • A windows or apple laptop/desktop computer which you have exclusive access to
  • Microsoft office software
  • Facebook account (for connecting to ad management)
  • Linkedin account (for connecting to ad management)
  • Reliable, high speed internet access
  • Cell phone

Required Skills

  • Basic math proficiency (high school algebra level)
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion for doing good work
  • Proficiency with Microsoft/Google office suite
  • Experience managing ad budgets of $1,000/mo or more
  • Native/fluent level English

Nice to Haves

  • Digital or traditional marketing agency experience
  • Google, Facebook, and/or Linkedin ads certification
  • Retail or service industry experience

Not Required

College degree


Digital Paid Media associates who are selected to be contractors start their engagement with Samurai Direct Response as half time individual contributors. We offer contracts on a month to month basis with regular 90 day reviews. Currently we offer new associates $20/hr and 20 hours per week. Successful associates may be assigned additional client accounts, increasing their billable weekly hours, receive increases in hourly compensation, or both over time and as mutually agreed to. Our associates usually spend most of their billable hours for the first few weeks of their engagement with us earning platform certifications and shadowing senior team members on client calls.

Responsibilities & Independent Contractor Terms

While we require that you attend scheduled internal and client meetings, we make no demands on how or when you do your work. We recommend working normal business hours, but you choose when, where and how you work. Contractors are responsible for maintaining their tools in good working order, keeping their own records, and staying up to date with any federal/state/local tax/reporting obligations springing from their engagement with us. Selected contractors will need to execute non disclosure, non solicitation and independent contractor agreements with Samurai Direct Response. We pay contractor invoices on net 30 terms.

Why Work with Us?

Samurai Direct Responsive is a 100% remote 100% contract team. We believe in empowering our people to improve their skills and help clients win with digital marketing. As a DPM Associate you will work with great brands to help them generate leads, sales, and visibility online.

Equal Opportunity

We do not consider race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other immutable characteristics when selecting new contract team members. We welcome any smart, hardworking person who wants to help our clients succeed to pitch for the opportunity.

How to Apply

To apply for the opportunity send a short cover letter, link to your Linkedin profile and a 1-2 page resume to

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