Why Work With Us?

What We Do That’s Different

What I do better than other people is buy the right customer attention at a lower cost than other agencies can due to expert deployment of the google platforms. I then help you reduce friction between the customer who wants to buy your product and you who want to sell it. When we increase attention and reduce friction, we’ll sell more of the product than we would have otherwise.

A Virtuous Cycle of Mutual Benefit

I’ve always believed that the digital marketing business can be a vehicle for me to create a virtuous cycle of mutal benefit between me, my clients and their customers. To a large degree, that has proven true over the last decade. Of course, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, so a small portion of the advertisers I’ve worked with have had things not work out the way we wanted. The consequence doesn’t override the intention, in either the case of success or failure. I also feel good about the fact that every agency and almost every client I’ve worked with or for was generating more revenue related to digital paid media after having worked with me than before. If you’re a goal oriented entreprenuer or senior marketing team member, we’ll get along well.

Simple Not Easy

The plan is simple. I described it in three sentences above. Being simple doesn’t make it easy. Controling the audience, message and customer journey involves a lot of complicated technical ability. I take care of that. All you need to do is supply the commander’s intent. Whether that’s ecommerce sales or marketing qualified leads, I’ll deliver. Schedule a complimentary initial call to dive deeper on how Samurai Direct Response can help you sell online more efficiently.

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