Creating Virtuous Cycles of Mutual Benefit

I Was Horrified

Being a regular follower of the Tim Ferris Show I couldn’t resist listening to a show called Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries (#381). As someone who is wildly skeptical about big business and intergenerational wealth, I was horrified to find out I agree with him to a large degree on business strategy. At the same time, it’s kind of nice when a billionaire endoreses the approach you’ve wanted to implement your entire career.

The Real Goal

The main goal of my work life is to help good businesses connect with customers in an way that is both scalable and ROI positive. The best system I’ve found to achieve this goal is to start by buying the attention of consumers who are actively searching for product or service in question. I then build a simple path to purchase. Once the path is in place, I use a simple step by step process and simple math to identify and execute against opportunities to reduce friction at each step of the customer journey.

Understand what capabilities you have that others will value that you can use to create value for others

Samurai Direct Response has a depth and breadth of knowledge in search marketing, particularly on Google, that is rare among digital marketing agencies. We also prefer to be measured based on actual revenue results, not soft metrics. Our expertise in Google Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization and Marketing Automation create a talent stack that will help you persuade your customers to choose your brand, instead of your competitor’s.

Find the opportunities for those capabilities that will create the most value for others, particularly those that will reward you for creating that value

This is why we look for clients who want to partner for each other’s long term success. Most businesses which spend $150k to $500k annually on marketing can optimize their revenue/cost by implementing the strategies we recommend. Combining performance media with conversion rate optimization and automated lead/customer follow up is a strategy which has been consistently used by successful tech companies for years. Now the tools to accomplish this are so affordable it’s a no brainer to take advantage. We want to help you do just that, long term. Our model relies on you choosing to keep us on the team because we consistently bring you more value from digital marketing than the other guy.

Maximize the value you are creating for others, and your profit will come solely from that value you are creating for others

  1. Become preferred partner for all your key constiutentcies
    • Customers
    • Employees
    • Suppliers
    • Communities
    • Society as a Whole
  2. Continually work to improve yourself

We give our full throated endoresement to this. Successful client engagements are the ones which produce positive ROI. The best way to judge this is to find a baseline for the client’s cost and revenue from performance media channels. We then systematically shift traffic to customer journey elements which produce better results than the current variation. With an affordable tech stack we can measure each element. From PPC ad, to landing page, to popover soft capture, to email subject line, systematic A/B testing will lead us to the best possible performance for each element.

It’s only through producing incremental value to our clients that Samurai Direct Response intends to earn profit. Our process accomplishes this in the vast majority of cases.

To explore a fit as a client, please schedule a call today.

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