Post Click Optimization – Soft Conversion

On the map of the customer journey the soft conversion is an important and often neglected element. A soft conversion can be defined as a number of different things, but the most useful is the email only lead capture. In this post we’ll walk through a few of the most effective tactics for increasing email only soft conversions and using them to increase primary conversions.

How to Capture Email Only Leads

Popover Page Element

An effective way to capture email only leads is with a session stall and exit intent popover. See the screengrab below for an example, or see it live here.

My recommended implementation is to use an exit intent trigger to fire the popover on desktop. For mobile, logic that either fires the popover on session stall (user stops scrolling, tapping etc for 5-15 seconds) or just on a time delay after the click.

Popover formatting & call to action

The best popovers have a compelling headline and description which give the user a good reason to sign up for emails. This will often include an image. A common tactic to increase adoption is to use an either or option, like in the example above, which creates a dichotomy where the non compliance option looks ridiculous.

Soft conversion page element

An even less intrusive way to implement soft capture on your landing page is to implement a simple email signup call to action element. To view an example just go to our homepage and scroll about 3/4 of the way down the page to the “stay informed” element.

What’s the benefit?

There are too many benefits to building a customer and prospect email list to name all of them here. Three top benefits to capturing customer email addresses are:

  1. Get more leads from your existing website traffic
  2. Use low cost and effort marketing automation to convert leads to customers
  3. Use email address lists to enhance display, social, video and search campaigns with first party data

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to implement a soft conversion and lead nurturing campaign, schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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