Large PPC Management Agency vs Google Ads Consultant

Which should you choose to manage your Google Ads campaign, a large agency like Jumpfly, or an independent consultant like Samurai Direct Response?

This question came up during my normal course of business, and I liked my answer so much I thought I’d share it here. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

You could do much much worse than Jumpfly. They are a well respected PPC agency and have been around almost as long as Google Ads have.

The contrast I’d draw if a client was considering the costs and benefits of working with me vs working with Jumpfly, it’s really about the day to day person setting strategy, tactics and implementation. If he goes with Jumpfly, that’ll be a kid about 3 years out of college, maybe less, sitting in the Chicago suburbs, managing at least a dozen, up to 100 accounts. In fairness, that kid will be directly managed by people who are only a little bit less experienced than me, and there are a few at the top of Jumpfly who could probably be competitive with me in terms of Google Ads day to day tactical expertise if they hadn’t let their lever pulling chops rust in favor of people management skills. I’m sure they have robust enough processes in place to give you a standard issue, better than average Google Advertiser performing account.

With me you know exactly who is doing the work and how skilled that person is (12 years full time with escalating responsibilities). I have a hard limit of 9 client accounts at a time, which gives me the time to throw my full suite of competitor crushing tactics at every account. I built my PPC management pricing model based on Jumpfly’s model that they had posted on their site a few years ago. I just checked and it looks like they have decided to put pricing behind the curtain now. It could be they’ve raised prices to the point where he’d get both a more experienced manager and lower pricing with me, but he’d have to get pricing details from them to confirm that.

There is one downside to working with me though. Since it’s just me, if I get hit by a bus, or have a mental health breakdown, or get COVID and die, you’ll have to get a new agency. I do also take vacations, but I have a friend who babysits my accounts when I can’t in exchange for me doing the same for him.

The one sentence way to look at this is:

If you could have either for about the same price, would you want one of the 37,500 Volkswagen factory produced 2019 Porsche 911s or would you rather have one of the 488 handmade 2020 Ferrari 488 Pistas.

Want to learn more about the Ferrari of Google Ads accounts I build for my clients? Schedule a Call to explore a fit as a client.

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