Local SEO Case Study – Natural Medicine Clinic

It’s been a few months since we first published our “Local SEO Roadmap”. This digital marketing system is geared toward helping small and mid sized local businesses earn more traffic from Google Maps Pack and Organic Search results. We started the process with this client in early February of 2020. By March of 2020 we had many of the website upgrades and business citation enhancements in place. We had started the process of NAP aggregation.

The results have been impressive on multiple metrics. This case study will look at the Google My Business (Google Maps Pack), Google Analytics, & Google Search Console performance indicators from the campaign we deployed for a natural medicine clinic in Portland Oregon.

Google My Business

April 2020 Google My Business Traffic Report

google my business local seo case study before data

June 2020 Google My Business Traffic Report

google my business local seo case study after

Google My Business Takeaways

These results are well within the expected range of performance for businesses which execute the tasks outlined in our local seo system, either on their own or with our teams assistance. Our clients routinely enjoy these benefits long term with just some basic self maintenance after the initial engagement.

The pieces of the local seo road map that are most impactful for Google My Business keyword rankings and traffic are keyword research, Google My Business page enhancements, & NAP citation.

Google Search Console

Search Console Traffic June vs April 2020

google search console local seo case study

The search console data shows the organic seo visibility and traffic only, and does not include any Google My Business visibility. In this case, the client team did a great job of creating content that’s relevant to their business and customers on a regular basis. Combining that with the technical, on page and off page search engine optimization we put in place resulted in large increases in keyword rankings, traffic and visibility in organic search.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Traffic Report April vs June

google analytics case study local seo

The Google Analytics data for this campaign also shows strong growth. This client did run a facebook campaign starting in mid May, so I excluded that traffic for comparison purposes. New users were up 125% and overall site traffic from sources other than social media was up 43%.


Based on this performance data, we have concluded that our system of following the steps in the local seo road map to lay a solid foundation for local small and mid sized business’ digital marketing strategy produces consistently positive results. This local seo plan will work well for any business which has a physical location that customers visit. The great thing about our local SEO system is that once you put it in place for your business, you will be able to enjoy the benefits for years to come, whether or not you decide to continue working with Samurai Direct Response.

Our clients tell us that they are helping new customers who answer “on Google” when asked “How’d you find us?” and data analytics lends credence to this claim. If you’d like to enjoy these benefits from your business, but aren’t sure how to execute the plan on your own, schedule a complimentary call to explore a fit as a client.

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