White Label PPC Management for SEO Agencies

If you’re an SEO agency who has ever lost a client to an integrated marketing agency because they could unify PPC and SEO services under one team, this is the post for you. Samurai Direct Response is now offering white label PPC management customized for the needs of SEO agencies. Whether your clients are small local businesses or enterprise brands, we have a great solution that will help you generate incremental revenue, improve client experience and retain clients in competitive verticals.

Why Choose Samurai Direct Response?

Our team leader has over a decade of experience doing PPC management in an agency environment. His track record of providing Google Ads campaigns which deliver better results than other PPC management agencies is extensive. Agencies with qualifying clients can have their accounts personally managed by our CEO.

We use a consistent, detail oriented, and data driven approach to reach our decisions about everything. Our advanced knowledge of the Google Ads platform allows us to squeeze more performance from every element of the campaign. Our high performance, market proven strategy provides you with several benefits compared to working with other agencies.

  • Professional client facing communication
  • Easily align with your agency’s value proposition
  • Strategic support of your SEO efforts with Google Ads

These are in addition to just plain better performing campaigns. What we do that’s different is we take a contrarian approach to some of our key campaign management tactics. Where other agencies religiously follow Google’s recommendations, we strategically choose which Google Rep advice to follow and which to deviate from. This approach has given us a consistent ability to outperform our competitor PPC management agencies.

White Label Features

Our team can use an @youragency.com email address to communicate with your clients. We also commonly use client agency branded documents for client facing reporting, both ad hoc and scheduled. Our team has worked with the vast majority of the widely used digital media reporting, management and analytics tools. We can seamlessly integrate your existing tech stack. These white label features are included at no additional cost for enterprise level clients. For agencies who have one or two Small Business or Mid Market clients, there is a $250/mo white label fee. The fee is waived for agencies who have at least 3 clients under Samurai Direct Response management.

White Label PPC Management Pricing

Enterprise PPC Management

We define enterprise clients as those who spend more than $10,000/mo on Google Ads. Our most skilled team member has personal responsibility for doing all of the work within these accounts. You will feel the difference in the quality of work and client satisfaction when you have someone who has managed millions in ad spend in over a decade of full time work managing your ad account, generating client reports and attending your internal/client facing meetings. There is a limit to the number of clients we can provide this service for. To find out if we have the bandwidth to take on your project, request a call.


  • One time account research & setup fee: $2,500
  • Monthly ppc management retainers start at the greater of $1,500 (firm) or 15% of ad spend (negotiable)


  • Best in class strategic and tactical campaign management
  • Intuitive & visual client reporting
  • Scheduled recurring meetings (usually 1 hour with your internal team and 1 hour client facing)
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Work directly with one of the most experienced hands on PPC managers in the industry
  • Quality score & conversion rate optimized landing pages
  • CRM & Phone call tracking integration at no additional cost

Junior Samurai PPC Management

Our junior samurais are freelance PPC managers who have bought into our approach to driving high performance through Google Ads. They are required to have between 1 and 5 years of full time PPC management experience, either as a freelance, agency or in house marketer prior to joining the dojo. To facilitate their ongoing skill growth, they receive weekly and ad hoc training and mentoring. These talented young marketers have all the tools they need to help small and mid sized Google advertisers succeed.

Small Business PPC Management Costs – Max monthly media spend $1,500

  • Account Creation Fee: $350
  • Monthly Management: $300

Mid Market PPC Management Costs – Max monthly media spend $6,000

  • Account Creation Fee: $750
  • Monthly Management: $550


  • Management fees even small clients can afford
  • Intuitive & visual client reporting
  • Scheduled recurring meetings (usually 1 hour with your internal team and 1 hour client facing)
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Work with an early career professional who is receiving access to best in class training and mentorship
  • Landing pages and additional platform integrations available for an additional fee

Request a Call

To learn more about our white label PPC management services, geared specifically to serve the needs of SEO agencies, request a call. Happy SEOing!

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